General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry (as of November 2006) apply to Pension Sacher – Apartments am Stephansplatz in principle.
Furthermore following alterations and specifications apply to Pension Sacher – Apartments am Stephansplatz:

  • Execution of the agreement – Down payment:

When booking through a booking platform, the terms and conditions listed there apply.
For bookings via booking platforms, the guest may be sent a payment link and an invoice link. This e-mail also refers to the binding payment period. If the payment deadline is not met, the booking will be canceled.

The Party is obliged to transfer the agreed upon down payment within the agreed upon period of time into the bank account of the Proprietor.  If the Party does not fulfill this obligation, the Proprietor is going to point out the oblivion to the Party and the Proprietor has the right to cancel the reservation. (This arrangement changes § 3.2 and § 3.3.)

  • Start and end of accommodation:

The rented apartment shall be vacated by the Party by 11:00 a.m. on the date of departure. (This arrangement changes § 4.3.)

  • Rescission by the Party – Cancellation fee:

When booking through a booking platform, the terms and conditions listed there apply.
If a "non-refundable rate" is booked through a booking platform, the host will not refund any money.

Cancellation policy for direct bookings:

* 0% cancellation fee up to 7 days in advance
* 6 days to 2 days in advance 25% cancellation fee
* thereafter 50% cancellation fee
(This regulation changes § 5.5 and § 5.6.)


  • Obligations of the Party:

The Proprietor only accepts payment in Euro. (This arrangement specifies § 8.2.)

  • Rights of the Proprietor:

Cleaning of the apartment (Maid service) is offered by the Proprietor between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on Monday through Saturday, except on Holidays and Sundays. (This arrangement specifies § 9.2.)

  • Obligations of the Proprietor:

The Proprietor does not offer any parking space. Furthermore the Proprietor does not offer any other extra services mentioned in § 10.2.  (This arrangement specifies § 10.2.)

  • Termination of the Accommodation Agreement – Early cancellation:

The Proprietor solely concludes Accommodation Agreements for a definite term. (This arrangement specifies § 15.4.)