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If you e-mail us, we will answer within 24 hours and will respond individually to your wishes.

Pension Sacher – Apartments am Stephansplatz GmbH

Rotenturmstraße 1-3 / 7. floor, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: +43 1 533 32 38
Mobilphone: +43 676 445 16 58

Our office is staffed daily from 8am until 1pm (except Sundays and Holidays).

Area map

The following video shows you how to get to us from Stephansplatz.



We recommend Mr. Hoi Seng.

Telephon: +43 664 382 6354

Austrian Federal Railways

The Austrian Federal Railways offers comfortable, punctual train service. The Pension Sacher – Apartments am Stephansplatz is easily accessible from all rail stations throughout Vienna by Wiener Linien (city public transportation) or Taxi.


Wiener Linien

The city of Vienna has excellent public transportation. From most federal rail stations you can reach the Pension Sacher – Apartments am Stephansplatz equally fast by subway or taxi.


Bus Services Vienna Airport Lines

The airport shuttle bus ride to Morzinplatz/Schwedenplatz takes about 20 minutes. From there, the walk to Pension Sacher – Apartments am Stephansplatz takes 8 minutes.


CAT – City Airport Train

The nonstop CAT ride from the airport to the transit hub Wien-Mitte takes 16 minutes. From the transit hub Wien-Mitte, take the U3 subway line toward Ottakring for two stops and exit at Stephansplatz station.


Directions to Stephansplatz by car

Unfortunately, we do not offer parking. Finding legal street parking in the first district is generally difficult because many streets in the first district are commercial loading zones and/or are subject to other no-parking rules. Additionally, all legal street parking in the first district is subject to a 2-hour parking limit Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m and parking is only allowed with a properly validated parking pass displayed in the windshield. If you, nonetheless, choose to purchase a parking pass, parking passes are available at:

  • Tobacco shops
  • Cigarette machines
  • Gas stations
  • Wiener Linien (Vienna Transport Authority) ticket offices
  • Wiener Linien ticket machines
  • Via Handyparken app (mobile phone parking ticket service)

However, we cannot accept any responsibility for any tickets, towing, or other penalties and/or damages incurred while self-parked.

While there are garages in the first district, they are all expensive due to their location. An inexpensive parking option would be the "park and ride" garage at the U3 subway station Erdberg, in the third district. Daily rates are approximately 4,10 €. From there, either take the U3 subway to Stephansplatz (10- to 15-minute ride) or catch a taxi from the taxi stand right outside the station.